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Author Topic: Policy on Signatures  (Read 2548 times)

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Policy on Signatures
« on: November 20, 2009, 11:16:16 AM »
Given Eric's recent implementation of a ban on signatures at the Bho, I thought it would be a good idea to visit this issue and establish an official policy on signatures for the Holler.

Eric is correct in his view that signatures can eat up a lot of space, they can pose a hassle for moderators, and confusion over rules for the members.  However, we also recognize that they are a nice way for someone to express a side of themselves that might not otherwise be relevant to a thread, or to provide information for members (such as website links, etc.).

So rather than ban them outright, we hope we have reached a happy medium.  Our software has a feature that allows signatures to be included automatically in a member's FIRST post to a thread, and then omitted on subsequent posts in that same thread. This gives the poster the opporunity to display a signature without cluttering up the thread.  We have now implemented this feature.

In general, we will allow any signatures that do not otherwise violate the Holler rules. However, because of the way our forum is set up, with R & P topics restricted to the Fireworks board, we will not allow signatures that are overtly religious or political, or otherwise offensive/in bad taste.  While topics of this nature are allowed because they can be contained in a particular area of the forum, it is not possible to do so with signatures therefore they are simply disallowed.  In an effort to ensure fairness on deciding what is offensive/religious/political, no one moderator or admin will make that decision alone.  Any case in question will be reviewed collectively by the admins and mods, and the member will then be notified privately.  In the  interim, a moderator may ask that a questionable signature be removed temporarily until it can be reviewed by the moderator team. We ask that all members comply immediately with any such requests.

Okay, we are going to implement these policies immediately, but as with other issues of the forum, we will consider your feedback on the subject. Let's give it a try, and if you have thoughts please post them here.


The Holler Staff

(P.S. This thread should NOT be used to bash the policies of the other banjo forum sites, however, legitimate evidence in support of or against a policy point is welcome. I.E. not allowed -- The Bho policy SUCKS.  Allowed -- Some of the signatures were funny and I'll miss them on Bho, therefore I'd like to see them here.)
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